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6th March 2016

Fuji X-Pro2: Initial Thoughts

As I write this I have had my Fuji X-Pro2 for exactly 3 days, so I’m not about to give you a full blown, in depth […]
6th March 2016

Fujiholics Liverpool Photo Walk 2016

The 2016 Liverpool Photo Walk was something I was looking to since it was announced. I attended the 2015 one and despite the gale force winds […]
19th March 2016

My First Event With The Fuji X-Pro2

After getting all giddy over the new, long awaited camera from Fuji and melting my credit card to get it, it was time to put it […]
27th March 2016

Whiskey Bottle on a Wet Easter Weekend

This isn’t a story of me drowning my sorrows at not being able to go out and shoot some street photography on a wet, rainy, UK, […]