Fujiholics Liverpool Photo Walk 2016

The 2016 Liverpool Photo Walk was something I was looking to since it was announced. I attended the 2015 one and despite the gale force winds and freezing temperatures, I really enjoyed it. The 2016 one looked promising in the morning when I got up. No gale force winds… just the freezing temperatures. You can’t win them all.

I arrived early just before 10am and there were already signs of photographers gathering. You know, that awkward “are you on the walk or are you a tourist” feeling. I bit of a smile to acknowledge being part of the photography cult, but not quite that full on photography geek talk about the best f stop or the right way to say Bokeh. Well, not before 10am anyway.

The masses gathered and soon there were around 100 photogs gathered, all sporting various Fuji cameras, various lenses and range of wooly hats. There were also a welcome few with other brands of camera which we tolerated. Fujiholics are an accepting bunch.

I had a good chat with a few other photogs and got a few envious looks as I had my new Fuji X-Pro2 with me which I was trying out for the first time.

So Matt stood on the wall, as he does, to be the same height as me and gave his preamble to the day. Cambrian Photo, Fuji and Wilkinsons had come along too to brave the cold and let a few lucky people try out various cameras and lenses. I got to try the Fuji 16-55mm and I’ll be on the phone to Cambrian on Monday to get my order in!

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-2

So then we set off on the route. It was a big loop covering a big chunk of Liverpool and a few landmarks along the way as well as a few places to have tea and cake too. I’m not a big fan of walking round in a big crowd as it does tend to make you a bit conspicuous so I tended to wander off and take the side streets or go ahead to try and get some photos and make the most of the day. I also stopped to chat to a few people along the way which was also the idea of the event. The social side was just as important as the photos, just like any photo walk should be.

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-7

I was giving my new camera a good test and taking all sorts of photos. Some were even almost good, but I was enjoying myself and enjoying the new Fuji X-Pro2 too. It’s very hard when there are lots of photographers to get unique shots. Street Photography is great in that way because the environment is changing all the time but when you see a character or a scene that looks interesting, you can bet another dozen of the photogs you are with have seen it too.

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-13

We wandered through the streets and eventually ended up and the “wig wam” cathedral where a large chip butty found it’s way into my belly. Yum! I had a good chat with a few more photogs and then we moved on.

There are times when you get happy accidents and fluked shots that you never could have planned. Here’s one of mine.

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-18

A lucky shot, but hey, you have to be there in the first place so it’s not all luck.

As we wandered along the route, I managed to get a few shots of the other people attending the walk. It’s the done thing on a photo walk right? So I apologise to anyone in these photos. It was your fault for being there anyway!

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-3

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-5

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-23

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-24

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-25

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016-30

I had a great day. Met some great people. Froze my n… ose off and got some photos I was pleased with. An excellent day. Many thanks to Matt for organising it and to all the others that helped make it happen. I can’t wait until the next one!

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