Up A Mountain In Spain

On our holiday to Southern Spain this year, we (My wife and I) decided to go on a little day trip to break up relaxing by the pool and eating nice food. A short drive away from where we were staying was a cable cat trip to the top of a mountain where there was a bird of prey centre where they did two ‘shows’ a day.

While we don’t normally go for the normal ‘touristy’ stuff on holiday, we thought this would be good as we both enjoy watching birds of prey in flight and it was a good chance to take some more photos.

Ok, wildlife, birds of prey, action shots… not the type of photography most suited to the Fuji x100s with it’s 35mm (equivalent) fixed lens. But it’s all I had, and the best camera is the one you have with you and all that, so I went with it without any high hopes of getting many ‘keepers’.


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Trying Out VSCO Film 07 Lightroom Preset Bundle

I’ll get the caveats out of the way right away. I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, I’m not the world’s greatest post processor and I’m not the world’s most technical chap either. I sound pretty rubbish really.

But, I am a keen photographer. I know my way around Adobe Lightroom CC well enough for my needs and more importantly, I don’t like creating extra work for myself. That’s why I love Lightroom Presets!

Lightroom presetsĀ are like the magic pixie dust that you can throw onto an image with the simple click of a mouse button and give the image a new look, most of the time for the better. It makes your Lightroom workflow so much quicker and if you are clever about it, you can add presets for even the simplest of tasks, just to save you time on the computer so you can spend more time doing the fun bit, taking photos.


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A Weekend In Harrogate

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend my wife and I spent the weekend in Harrogate in the North of England. It wasn’t a full on photography weekend, but I managed to get the Fuji x100s out for a quick wander around the town.

The town has some great architecture and over the bank holiday weekend there were plenty of people around. We were lucky to in the right place to see an Easter parade by several brass bands and several youth groups from around the world. Here are some of the photos I managed to get from the day.


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IWOOT Promotion Event

In February 2015 I was asked by iwantoneofthose.com to take some photos at a promotional even they were holding for valentines day in Manchester at the Proper Tea Rooms. The evening was designed for local bloggers to come and try out some of the new items IWOOT had added to it’s online store.

I went along with both my cameras and flash and ended up with a good range of shots from the evening. I enjoyed the job and the tea was pretty fine too.


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Liverpool Photo Walk January 2015

In January 2015, Matt Hart organised a free photo walk around Liverpool. It was a cold and very windy day but there was a great turn out with over 100 photographers.

I chose my Fuji X100s for this walk. I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a lot of kit with me and if the weather got too bad at least it would fit in my pocket if I needed to protect it.

Here are my shots from the day. A big thanks to Matt for organising it. I look forward to attending more of his events and hopefully a workshop or two as well.


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London Street Portraits

In November 2014 I was lucky enough to get a place on a Street Photography workshop run by Eric Kim. I wrote a longer post about the weekend on my Photography Basics site. It was a great weekend, I learnt lots and was very happy with the street portraitsĀ I got with the guidance of Eric and the other people attending the workshop.

While I was taking these street portraits, I really enjoyed chatting to the subjects rather than just taking a quick photo and walking off. A smile and a pleasant attitude is all that you need most of the time.

Attending a workshop like this has also spurred me on to run workshops myself in the future. Hopefully the not too distant future.

Anyway, this is my collection of London Street Portraits. I use a Fuji X100s for all of these, a fabulous camera for digital street photography.


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