Street Photography In New York

This September I was lucky enough to go to New York for a few days with my better half and I wanted to make sure I got in some Street Photography while I was there without it taking over the whole trip. I decided to take just one camera, one lens, several spare batteries and a couple of memory cards. I was travelling light. So of I went with my trusty Fuji X-Pro1 and the excellent Fuji 35mm f1.4 lens. So I was all set.

New York seemed like it was going to be a place where Street Photography was going to be like shooting fish in a barrel with all the characters, the range of races and languages spoken and the various districts of New York giving me plenty of opportunities. I was right.

A Quiet Moment

So, loads of opportunities for some great shots so all I needed was for the weather to be kind. Queue the rain. Hurricane Patricia was off the coast and the weather was a little unsettled. Not terrible, but it hampered things a little. I got a few breaks though, and you can see some of my favourite shots in this post.

New York Dog Walking

I would love to go back some day and have a few good days dedicated to just Street Photography. One day I will make that happen.

Girl On The Phone

Striped Jacket Dude

Deep In Conversation

Have you had any Street Photography success in New York? I’d like to see the results.

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