Trying Out VSCO Film 07 Lightroom Preset Bundle

I’ll get the caveats out of the way right away. I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, I’m not the world’s greatest post processor and I’m not the world’s most technical chap either. I sound pretty rubbish really.

But, I am a keen photographer. I know my way around Adobe Lightroom CC well enough for my needs and more importantly, I don’t like creating extra work for myself. That’s why I love Lightroom Presets!

Lightroom presetsĀ are like the magic pixie dust that you can throw onto an image with the simple click of a mouse button and give the image a new look, most of the time for the better. It makes your Lightroom workflow so much quicker and if you are clever about it, you can add presets for even the simplest of tasks, just to save you time on the computer so you can spend more time doing the fun bit, taking photos.


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