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Venice Street Photography

In April this year, we had a family holiday to Venice to celebrate my wife’s birthday. It was a family holiday so street photography wasn’t going to be highest on the list of things to do, however, as my fuji photography gear is nice and easy to carry, it did come with us on a few of the days.

I tried a number of techniques and ideas on the trip, I mean Venice has a wealth of photographic opportunities, so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity when it presented itself without taking over from what was a family trip.

I set up my X-Pro2 with the 23mm f2, I kept the aperture on manual but the shutter speed and iso were set on auto. Nice and simple with no faff. I don’t like a faff. Sorry if you were expecting something a little more technical.

There were quite a few people in Venice when we were there, not as many as you get around carnival time, but still quite a few so the narrow streets did get a bit awkward to shoot in. This was a lucky grab shot that on first review I nearly flicked straight past it as I didn’t think it was in focus. However, the woman’s face is just about in focus enough to give the image something a bit more special. Hopefully, you see that too, but it would be great to get your feedback in the comments below if you want to.

Next, is a street photography classic. The dark shadows, harsh lighting and a single point of interest dominates the image. A classic red baseball cap on an old bloke. I wasn’t going to miss that shot and actually took 3 or 4 shots as he walked closer.

Lastly, with the fantastic architecture around Venice, I couldn’t resist trying to get a classic look. It needed a bit of straightening up in Lightroom but I think this would actually make a nice print for hanging on the wall. Maybe I’ll do that with this one, which is a rarity for me.

Venice is a great place for photography, especially street photography. Maybe I’ll get back there one day and do a bit more street photography than I got a chance to do on this trip.

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